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Natural home remedy - Phyllanthus Niruri.

keelanelli or Phyllanthus niruri health benefits and home remedies
Phyllanthus niruri

The herb Phyllanthus niruri is a widespread tropical plant commonly found in coastal areas. Phyllanthus niruri grows throughout the hotter parts of India. It grows along the bunds and ridges in cultivated fields. The plant grows to a height of 15-60 cm. The leaves are small, close to each other, arranged in two rows so that the branches resemble compound leaves. The stems are erect, short and herbaceous. This herb has many medicinal uses and health benefits, and can be used as a home remedy to treat many medical conditions.

Botanical Name: Phyllanthus Niruri - Family: Euphorliaceae
Common Name: Stone breaker
Sanskrit:- Bhumyamalaki
Tamil:- Kilanelli
Hindi:- Buin anvalah
Spanish:- Chanca piedrain

Phyllanthus niruri Medicinal Uses

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This traditional herb acts as a protective shield and curative medicine for Jaundice and other liver related diseases. It is also used for menstruation and uterus problems in women.

Studies conducted on mice show that:

Phyllanthus niruri Health benefits

Traditionally, Phyllanthus nriuri has been used as a home remedy in many countries. Its curative properties are well known.

Phyllanthus niruri Home Remedies