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The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.

Ann Wigmore

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This site is the consequence of my close encounter with CLL. Within four months of the diagnosis, there was a rapid deterioration in the condition of a loved one. The doctor suggested starting treatment. But at 75, we wanted to spare him the pain, side effects and discomfort of the treatment. Having nothing to lose, we scoured the internet for anything that would help us. We came across various reports that suggested that wheatgrass helped CLL patients. That started my journey into the exploration of herbs and their effects on our health. This site is the result. I am happy to say, he has been doing fine. He is not cured, but we have definitely been able to manage the disease and keep it in check with the help of natural food. It is thirteen years now, and we have not had to start treatment.

Another experience that comes to mind is when my mother was diagnosed with stones in her gall bladder. The doctor said we would have to remove her gall bladder. She is a staunch believer in herbal medicine, refused, and told us to give her some time to try herbal remedies. In 2 months the size of the stones had reduced and in 5 months the stones had disappeared. She still has her gall bladder.

I truly believe that with a good lifestyle, healthy food, and regular use of herbs, we can avoid many situations that can later develop into diseases. Thanks for visiting the site and hope you find it beneficial in helping you stay healthy.

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