How to Make Herbal Extracts with Glycerin and Oils as Solvents

Herbal extracts are substances extracted from the plant using different solvents that help to draw out the beneficial components in the plant. The solvents range from alcohol, glycerin, oils, vinegar, or water.

How to make water based herbal extracts

Water based herbal extracts are very easy to make at home. Water extracts sugars, proteins, gums, mucilage, pectin, tannins, acids, coloring matter, mineral salts, glycosides, some alkaloids, most alkaloidal salts, and some essential oil. Dry herbs are more potent than fresh ones, hence while using dried herbs, it is suggested that the ratio of herb to water should be 25g to 500ml. When fresh herbs are used, the ratio would be 50g to 500ml.