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Natural home remedy - Aloe vera

Aloe vera health benefits and home remedies
Aloe vera Health Benefits

Aloe vera (Aloe Vera Barbadensis) is a very succulent plant, green in colour, with a clear white gel inside. It is said to be endowed with miraculous healing powers. Traditionally, it was used for various skin conditions and as a laxative. Today its used for various illnesses like diabetes and osteoarthritis. When used internally, it acts as a general tonic, cleanser and detoxifier. Externally it is used to cure minor burns, sunburn, eczema, psoriasis, cuts, insect bites and for skin care.

Health benefits of Aloe vera

Aloe vera as a natural remedy for skin health

Aloe is one of the most widely used ingredients in skin care products, as it is a medicine for the skin. It soothes the skin, hydrates and nourishes it. Drinking aloe vera juice is said to enhance skin health and give it a glow. Aloe is a good moisturizer and effectively combats wrinkles because the skin absorbs it quickly. It can also be used as facial cleanser. Make your own facial cleanser with Aloe Vera by mixing it with olive oil, rosewater, and a few drops of grapeseed oil in a food processor. Refrigerate it. Aloe vera is excellent for dry skin or eczema and psoraisis related issues.

Aloe vera as natural home remedy for burns

It is a great sun burn healing agent. Aloe vera penetrates and heals the affected area. It also brightens the skin. It has natural sun protection benefits. Rubbing Aloe vera on your face, decreases pigmentation and dark spots and brightens your skin. You can also remove red blotches by rubbing Aloe vera after plucking your brows on the discolored area.

Aloe vera health benefit for hair growth

Aloe vera helps in hair growth. Massage Aloe vera into the scalp, leave in for 30 minutes and rinse. Aloe vera is known to balance PH and stimulate the production of enzymes on your scalp which help in the growth of hair. Aloe vera can also be used instead of a conditioner. It makes the hair silky. Mix Aloe vera into powdered hair dye before dyeing hair to help fight off moisture loss from drying chemicals.

Aloe vera as a natural remedy for cuts and bruises

Aloe vera speeds up the healing process when applied to a cut. It is also said to be beneficial for stretch marks or small scars. Studies show that when appied topically, the aloe gel helps heal burns and abrasions.

Aloe vera health benefits for Digestive disorders

Many health experts recommend aloe vera juice for disorders of the digestive tract and stomach. Aloe juice is said to cure ulcers, IBS, Crohn's disease and Celiac disease. Polysaccharides, prevalent in the aloe vera plant have curative effects on numerous digestive disorders.

Aloe vera helps to boost immune system

Scientific research shows strong immunomodulatory and antitumour properties for aloe vera polysaccharides. The gel is said to help boost immune system function while destroying cancer tumors. Aloe vera contains acemannan, a natural immune booster. Acemannan from aloe vera is said to accelerate the destruction of cancer tumors, improves survival time and results in far better recovery from toxic cancer treatments. More on aloe and tumours

Aloe vera health benefits to reduce inflammation in joints

Using aloe topically is known to ease inflammation of joints, and reduce arthritis pain. But aloe can also be used internally, reducing inflammation throughout the body from the inside and out. People who drink aloe vera for two weeks typically begin to experience a significant reduction of inflammation symptoms. More on aloe and inflammation

Aloe vera health benefits to stabilize blood sugar in diabetics

Diabetic patients who take aloe vera juice for 3 months experience a significant drop in fasting blood sugar levels. They also exhibit lower cholesterol levels and slight improvements in total cholesterol. Numerous clinical studies have been published that demonstrate aloe vera's antidiabetic properties. More on aloe and diabetes

Aloe vera lowers cholesterol and triglycerides

When used internally, aloe vera gel improves the quality of the blood and helps rebalance the blood chemistry in a way that lowers cholesterol and total triglycerides in people with elevated levels of cholesterol. More on aloe and choesterol

Organic scrub with aloe vera gel

Take 2 tbsp of aloe vera gel and add 2 tbsp of brown sugar and a tsp of lemon juice. Rub this sugar scrub paste on the skin. This works well as an organic scrub for the skin.

Why drink Aloe vera juice?

The aloe vera juice is considered to be one of the healthiest natural drinks as it has amazing therapeutic properties. It is said to heal internally and is beneficial for various disorders.

Home remedies with aloe vera

Side effects of aloe vera juice:

How to plant aloe vera

Aloevera health benefits and home remedies
Aloe vera flower

All aloes are semi tropical succulent plants, and should be grown outdoors only in areas where there is no chance of freezing . Aloes have a shallow, spreading root system. The plants are propagated by removing the offshoots which are produced around the base of mature plants, when they are a couple of inches tall. They can also be grown from seeds. They make excellent house plants when given sufficient light, and should be left near a window that gets a lot of sun. Potted aloe plants benefit a lot if kept outside in summer. Older plants even bloom, producing a tall stock covered with brightly colored flowers.

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