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How to make kohl with Eclipta prostrata(Bhringraj)

Kohl (kajal) can be made from the juice of the leaves of the Eclipta prostrata (Bhringraj) herb. The process is as follows:

  • Take a handful of the herb of the white variety. Wash thoroughly in water. Crush between the palms of your hand, so that a black juice drips out.
  • Take a small piece of clean thin white cloth, (about two inches by 2 inches) and soak the cloth in the juice. Dry in the shade on a clean plate away from dust. Once it is dry, cut into strips and shape as a wick.
  • Fill a lamp made of mud or sandstone with pure castor or gingelly oil, place the wick and light it.
  • Take a copper vessel or mud pot and smear the thick juice of the herb at the bottom. (You can also use sandalwood paste for the same, instead of the bhringraj juice. The sandalwood paste must be made at home).
  • Arrange three stones around the lamp and place the copper vessel or mud pot on it so that sufficient soot is deposited. This may take about two hours.
  • When the soot has collected at the bottom, gently scrape it off the vessel and mix with ghee made at home from cow's milk.
  • Do not add too much ghee as the kohl will tend to smear. A drop or two should do.

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