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Health Benefits of Herbs

In the search for natural ways to deal with CLL, I came across a wealth of information. I realised that each of us are individually responsible for our health. We are all a product of nature, and the best way to maintain good health is by living in harmony with nature. Disease results when this harmony and balance is upset. We have forgotten to listen to our bodies and it's needs. While modern medicine places more importance on treatment, I found that herbalists respect the body and try to help it heal itself. Herbalists believe that the body has inherent self-correcting tendencies to heal, and herbs can act in synergy with the body to improve our health and sometimes even cure us.

Virtually all societies and cultures have used herbs for their medicinal properties. The interest in, and the need for using herbs and natural remedies, has been growing enormously. Respect for the human body is at the root of all herbal treatment. Herbs are often seen as the last resort - once all other avenues of treatment have been exhausted. This is where we are wrong. Natural food when taken on a regular basis, helps to stimulate the body's own healing abilities by cleansing and rebalancing. The advantage of natural medicines is their ability to return the body to a state of health without any risks and damaging side effects. The use of medicinal herbs in healing is not exclusive to humans; when an animal in the wild gets sick, it is said to stop eating and chew on some healing herbs until it feels better.

Herbs need not only be used only when sick. Instead, people can strive towards a state of wellness and improved health by using herbs on a daily basis, in which case a person is likely to have fewer chances of being ill. Natural remedies help even in the case of serious diseases like cancer. Even though the primary treatment for cancer rests with modern medicine, herbal therapy provides a cancer patient with significant relief from the symptoms. By adopting a herbal lifestyle, we can decrease the incidence of the disease, and help the person suffering from cancer, achieve some degree of tranquillity harmony and sometimes even increase their life-span.

Health, in natural care, is all about living in harmony with nature. We are more or less a product of nature and we rely on it for our survival, for food and medicine. The origins of herbal medicine is based on the hands on empirical evidence of humans since ancient times, where by trial and error, a body of knowledge developed in each region of the world, which is known to us as folk medicine.

From these experiences were born the world's great traditional medical systems like the Ayurveda, TCM, Greek and Egyptian systems. The physician's use of the appropriate herbs in an appropriate manner was guided not just by clinical experience, but also by medical theories and principles. Herbalists believe in the concept of 'Medicatrix Naturae' which means 'ónly nature cures', and that the cure for all man's ills are to be found in nature.

Herbal medicine is a universal practice among all of the world's traditional medical systems. Herbalists believe that everyone can benefit from using herbs. They believe that one need not use herbs only when sick. Instead, people can evolve towards a state of wellness and improved health by using herbs on a daily basis, in which case a person is likely to have fewer chances of being ill.

Below are a list of herbs, with their health benefits and home remedies. Please click on the links below to view them.

Abutilon indicum
Aloe vera
Bermuda grass
Curry Leaves
Eclipta prostrata
Gotu kola
Lemon grass
Mint leaves
Mustard greens
Sessile Joyweed
Phyllanthus niruri
Solanum nigrum
Solanum trilobatum
Terminalia chebula