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Health Benefits of Herbs

Health, in natural care, is all about living in harmony with nature. We are more or less a product of nature and we rely on it for our survival, for food and medicine. The origins of herbal medicine is based on the hands on empirical evidence of humans since ancient times, where by trial and error, a body of knowledge developed in each region of the world, which is known to us as folk medicine.

From these experiences were born the world's great traditional medical systems like the Ayurveda, TCM, Greek and Egyptian systems. The physician's use of the appropriate herbs in an appropriate manner was guided not just by clinical experience, but also by medical theories and principles. Herbalists believe in the concept of 'Medicatrix Naturae' which means 'ónly nature cures', and that the cure for all man's ills are to be found in nature.

Herbal medicine is a universal practice among all of the world's traditional medical systems. Herbalists believe that everyone can benefit from using herbs. They believe that one need not use herbs only when sick. Instead, people can evolve towards a state of wellness and improved health by using herbs on a daily basis, in which case a person is likely to have fewer chances of being ill.

Below are a list of herbs, with their health benefits and home remedies. Please click on the links below to view them.

Abutilon indicum
Aloe vera
Bermuda grass
Curry Leaves
Eclipta prostrata
Gotu kola
Lemon grass
Mint leaves
Mustard greens
Sessile Joyweed
Phyllanthus niruri
Solanum nigrum
Solanum trilobatum
Terminalia chebula