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Nature has given us a vast choice of natural and fresh food which helps us lead a healthy, energetic and disease free life. All that we need is available in nature. We just need to have the knowledge to use them effectively in order to gain the most from them. Fruits are the most natural food you can find, which can be eaten raw – that is, in its natural state. Fruits are an excellent source of minerals, vitamins and enzymes. They can be easily digested and have a cleansing effect on the blood and the digestive system.

Fruits help to clear the system of wastes and toxins and replenish the body’s sugar, vitamins and minerals. The fibre in the fruits acts as a laxative and aids the smooth passage of food in the digestive tract. Papaya is an excellent source of vitamin C and carotene, and a medium sized mango provides much of the vitamin A necessary for the body. The minerals in the fruits and dry fruits like raisins help to build strong bones. Fruits like custard apple supply enough calcium to meet our daily requirement.

Certain fruits are known to be beneficial in combating certain ailments. Apple, pomegranate, lemon and orange are said to be beneficial for the heart. Fruits like apple dates and mango are said to be good for the central nervous system. The nutrients in these fruits exert a tonic effect on the nerves. All berries are said to strengthen nerves and build blood. Watermelons cleanses the kidneys. Lemons are a good remedy for liver problems and indigestion. Thus, a generous helping of fruits taken everyday, may help prevent diseases and keeps one energized and healthy.

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